Congrats to Dani and KTM - nice to see you’re still going to be a part of MotoGP [Pedrosa signs two-year KTM test rider deal MotoGP™](

So you’re making the experience of worrying about what to watch next better? Gee, thanks Netflix!

Chinese spy chips? That’s why DEVONthink uses strong encryption

Great news 😊

Audible Brings its Audiobook Library to the Apple Watch

Cool to see satellite imagery on Google Maps for CarPlay - looks pretty futuristic watching it on the cars display

Wolfgang Flür at The Cluney in Newcastle. Fantastic fun 😊

We’re launching the Diet Doctor podcast!

Not the best MotoGP I’ve attended 😔

The Switch is fast becoming my favourite games console of all time

DOOM Eternal Will Raise Hell On Nintendo Switch

Reflections on humans held captive in a carbohydrate culture

Wow. Down for 2 months, then they want $29.99 to have what we had before. Fortunately, I’ve found alternatives to Instapaper in their downtime, so farewell from me.

Incredible! [Watch Kraftwerk Perform “Spacelab” With German Astronaut Music News Consequence of Sound](

Why even bother? Pretty much the equivalent of zero penalty. Crazy. Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica fine is worth 15 minutes of profit — Quartz

Things 3.6 introduces desktop-class external keyboard support for the iPad

Nice -

DEVONthink adds iCloud sync

Essential read for anyone involved with software development. Developers Should Abandon Agile

Caldbeck - A Ridiculously Photogenic Lake District Village

Well worth a trip if you’re in the area. Unseasonably hot weather, too.

Such beauty

BetterTouchTool is now on Setapp. I really do recommend giving it a try if you haven’t already.

Marquez, I’m a fan, but that was totally reckless. There’s no place for that on a race track. #motogp

Well played, Devon. For what it’s worth, I’ve quit too

Isn’t tech great?

Flight QF9 from Perth to London…